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Rolling the Year End with Futsal Tournament

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Christmas celebration started well with MySkills Futsal Tournament which was held on the 24th of December 2017 recently was an excellent initiative by our students, staffs, parents and also with the volunteers team.

Our Heroes were divided into 8  teams mixed with the staffs and parents representing famous professional clubs. Students who were unable to play, helped the organising team to coordinate the event. They made sure everything runs smoothly throughout the tournament.

One of the parents generously sponsored the medals and trophies for the tournament. We also had supportive volunteers helping us to arrange lunch meals after the tournament.

The boys learned what is great sportsmanship where everyone earns respect and opportunity to play the game ethically. We had  surprising results towards the last rounds of the tournament but it was anticipating excitement for each of them who

tried the best for the game.

It was a great wrap up for and tiring day with valuable take home for all of us. We make small differences throughout the transformation journey and you too can help us to make it better.

Please visit our website ( for more details and sign up as a volunteer or donor today!

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The Amazing Christmas Bazaar

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The YTL Christmas Bazaar for social enterprises was such a blast and MySkills Foundation felt privileged to be part of this spectacular event held at Lot 10 from 1st – 3rd December 2017.

MySkills students participated and had a lot of fun serving the people with a hot cup of coffee and beautiful jewellery made from beads.

The students were also exposed to interact with the public by teaching them to make their own custom made beads jewellery and coffee making demo with art.

It was so empowering to see all the NGO’s coming together to make this amazing event come to life. Indeed, It was an spellbinding event.

Apart from that, our students received lots of positive comments from public that surely motivate to enhance their skills to perform better.

As Christmas is just around the corner together with the year’s end, let’s celebrate the life by giving back to the community as a sign of love and joy.

We thank YTL Foundation for the great opportunity to be up for the Christmas Bazaar and for its valuable experiences. Hope this initiative is carried on for upcoming years and let it a blessed Christmas for all !

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The seventh debut of Miracle on Wheels (MOW) held to an overflowing audience at Midlands Convention Centre last night awed all present once more. There were school children, the elderly, workers and professionals, <strong>many coming as families and friends  from </strong>the community from around Klang Valley area and beyond who were priviledged enough to take up the invitation extended by MySkills, the organisers with a vision. One family came from as far as Butterworth, staying back in a hotel, and sacrificing daily rated wages, to watch the performance after spending time with their son/brother enrolled in MySkills.

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“Soulfully fulfilled”, “spell-bound”, “beyond expectations.. ” Miracle on Wheels” – MySkills Midlands Convention Centre

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The seventh debut of Miracle on Wheels (MOW) held to an overflowing audience at Midlands Convention Centre last night awed all present once more. There were school children, the elderly, workers and professionals, many coming as families and friends  from the community from around Klang Valley area and beyond who were priviledged enough to take up the invitation extended by MySkills, the organisers with a vision. One family came from as far as Butterworth, staying back in a hotel, and sacrificing daily rated wages, to watch the performance after spending time with their son/brother enrolled in MySkills.

A twelve year old was very appreciative of MOW. He termed MOW different and outstanding. His boy shared with Mr Krishnan that it was trully worthwhile starting his school holidays by being at the performance of MOW. For Jude Benjamin and his friends who are used to efforts of groups with the disadvantaged, the whole programme was beyond expectations, both the performance and the story of MySkills.

Our cameraman, Rama, who is usually very busy focusing to take his shots, shared that these performances ( he was at four venues) were something different. He was spell-bound he said. He was so energised that the pictures he took were better than what he expected. Throughout the shows, he kept talking to himself “ I must take perfect pictures”( perhaps this self-talk was an outcome of a recently conducted coaching session by Mr. David Nair of IXL ). Meeting new people each time, Rama seized the opportunity to promote MySkills too.

Dr. Pasha took time off before the show to share his feelings, experience and message. Sitting at the far end of the hall, he was also communicating with his team who were on the stage, from time to time, just using sign language. One can appreciate this fact bearing in mind the distance involved. This simply adds to the abilities. Reflecting on his experience and the team’s unique to Malaysia as opposed to their performance globally (Europe, Middle-East, Russia, USA etc), he shared that the experience was a spiritual one. Bearing in mind that the Indian land mass was once connected to this region (South East Asia), it was like coming back to roots, with the work of Miracle on Wheels reflecting ancient cultures.

Some “firsts”

It was all the more special on several counts. For one, it was the group’s first performance in South East Asia and Asia, outside of India, Nepal and some venues in the Middle East. This was echoed by Mahiraa . It was very exciting for launching Miracle on Wheels for the first time and in addition, for the first time, going all over in seven venues in one country in a short period of time. Usually it has been just one or two performances in one country unless in the USA there are more shows over an extended period of time. Mahiraa says it is an honour and priviledge to have performed at seven locations. After having travelled to far off countries, the idea of coming to Malaysia was attractive, given the regional connectedness.


For Mr. Pasupathi, she said that it was a bold step to take up the challenge to host MOW with an effective and dynamic leadership in addition to the good networking he has. The hospitality and kindness was family like with the whole MySkills team. It has been emotional unlike where everywhere else it has been commercial, without interaction. With MySkills, the support from all, the team, staff, the boys was tremendous she shared. A relationship has been built. There was lots of care and hospitality, not as part of a job, but coming from their hearts. The MOW performance through MySkills has also been special as other interested potential hosts were capable of only one show.


Another first, according to Dr. Pasha, was also that of one cause supporting another cause. It is a very proud moment, a milestone, an unforgettable experience for Miracle on Wheels, a team of people with special needs, supporting a programme for “normal people” using a common platform. For the team of Miracle on Wheels, its about outstanding abilities while for MySkills, their “disabilities” are what they have missed, related to social, moral and issues of the mind.

Voice of the specially abled

Every member of the specially abled team was very happy to have performed in different locations and seen so many places, said Priya the only female member. For Soonuvarma who is a pure vegetarian, food was not an issue. Seeing so many cultures was exciting too. He added that though people spoke different languages, the audience everywhere is otherwise the same, appreciating their performances. Manoj shared that coming to Malaysia has been different. They did not feel any religious barriers. On the contrary, they experienced lots of love from different people.


On another point, Manoj observed that Malaysia was more friendly for the differently abled compared to India. He referred to the availability of ramps, parking bays and walk paths for the sight challenged. The lack of these facilities in India does not enable them to move about more freely.


Dharvinder is grateful to MySkills for their performance here in Malaysia and for being treated as brothers and sisters, and not as persons with disabilities. Ashiq agreed with him. His message to the boys is not to lose hope. He says “if nobody is with you, don’t be scared. You have will power. Recognise it. Do something you are good at. Adolescence is an age of too much dreaming. Focus on one thing. You can be very good and reach that level of success”.

About abilities and disabilities

Mdm. Mahiraa hopes that the boys and girls at MySkills find their purpose in life, even if its extraordinary and become somebody eventually. “All have big dreams; you have to work hard to make your dream come true. Like the artists, you have to work hard. It’s unconditional; you have to persevere and have endurance. You have to go through hardship. It is the same for any profession. It is not going to happen overnight. Many students ask if they can become stars and go places. Our team has worked hard for anywhere between 9 to 15 years. With the right guidance, which is available through MySkills, you can come up in life”. This is Mahiraa’s advice, one that is also shared by her husband and Guruji as the specially abled refer to Dr. Pasha.


For the audience, Mahiraa wants each of us to remember that “when we see a disabled person, there is some extraordinary talent and not to discriminate them. Each of us is disabled, she continues. Our tempers, our depression are not obvious and so we are seen as“normal people. However, nobody is normal. What is obvious is the broken hand or the missing limb or defected eye and so we discriminate. Those of us with two eyes and two hands may not be able t do half of what the specially abled are doing”. She ends by asking a piercing question “ so who is disabled”.

A restored self

In a strangely almost direct response but totally unknown to each other, a member of the audience, shared the impact MOW had on her with Mr.AK Krisnan. Being the man responsible for filling the hall, together with a committed team working from different locations, he took it upon himself to talk to random persons in the audience. This person, a married lady said that she was very egoistic. She shared “that ego was broken tonight. I cannot match up to this couple (referring to the special needs husband and wife team of MOW). Now I know how much I must give in. I used to argue with my husband constantly, saying I cannot, for everything”.

Some finals..

Both Dr. Prasha and Dr. Siva spoke of the God within each of us. Dr. Prasha believes that we are all creations of God and that God lives in each one of us. We are human beings with different characteristics; some can’t speak, some can’t listen to music. But it is a matter of giving love and living together as one community, reaching out to one another. Dr. Siva, a Director of MySkills, shared about each of us being a temple of God, about God dwelling in us. So, that God dwelling in us, enables us t reach out to those in need. He thanked all present for the support and appealed for continued support for the Mission of MySkillMr. Pasupathi besides joining Dr. Siva in his appreciation and appeal reminded the need for support, particularly the well to do among the Indian community. He referred to the late Tan Sri Yeoh donating to RM 6 Million to…..Chinese schools and RM 2 Million to 19 NGOs, MySkills being one of them. He also appealed to restaurant owners to employ Malaysians, treating them with dignity enabling them proper rest through 8 hours work, proper wages and yearly bonuses. Mr. Deva the CEO of MySkills once more reminded the audience to support financially, through volunteerism as well as to show the way to students in need the path to MySkills.


Dr. Pasha rightly summarised in saying that MySkills does’nt need mercy but rather, it needs opportunity as it created dignity. The audience at different times gave a standing ovation, raising and shaking their hands in appreciation bearing in mind the precense of three persons with hearing impairment. Dr. Pasha and team saluted the audience and MySkills as a way of appreciation. It was the best of the seven performances he said. The feeling of patriotism was high as the night began with the Malaysian anthem after the solo performance of sight challenged Mr. Raman who sang some modern numbers. And it ended with the Indian National Anthem as the Indian nationals remembered their motherland while performing in a different country. Till we meet again, on a wider scale for a wider audience across more venues in the not so distant future…..treasuring the memories, the relationships and lessons learnt.

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MySkills Foundation again successfully pulled off another spellbinding “Miracle on Wheels” show gaining lots of support from the public. In the public domain, this wonderful show has became the talk of the town, as this show has taken place in various spots, like Kedah, Ipoh and Petaling Jaya.

As for yesterday, this captivating show was held at Nice Banquet Hall, Rawang. The main objective of the show is to be an eye opener to the public against, differently abled individuals, as they should be treated as other normal human beings and equal opportunity should be given to them as well. Thus, this “Miracle on Wheels” is a great platform for them to bring off the hidden talents in them.

Apart from the concern on disabled individuals, this show also entails on the interest of MySkills students, who are mostly dropout students, where a new campus building will be built in Kalumpang for them in order for them to learn and transform a prominent environment. Hence, via this show, contributions from the public were appreciated as all the capital goes for the campus.

Our spectators at Rawang was from University Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), SJK(T) Kerling, Saradha Devi Illam, Positive Living Community and differently abled individuals from Independent Living and Training Centre Malaysia. It enhances their way of thinking towards their life. They really appreciated the show and were speechless on how the dancers could be wheel chair bounded and still perform so well. Tremendous show indeed and once again they received standing ovation. We are looking forward to have more fruitful shows.

COME & SUPPORT us at the below venues:-

Friday (24/11/2017)
Dewan Bukit Indah, Jln. Changkat Indah Utama, Taman Bukit Indah 2, 81200 JOHOR BARU
Muniamma : 016-742 0407
Manimaran : 013-747 2656

Saturday (25/11/2017)
Dewan Auditorium DBKL Menara 1, Bangunan DBKL, Jln. Raja Laut, 50350 KUALA LUMPUR
Justina : 013-629 2784
Vy : 012-906 3073
Vani : 0166338973

Tuesday (28/11/2017)
Midlands Convention Centre, Jln. Plumbum 7/100, Seksyen 7, 40000 SHAH ALAM Selangor
8pm- 10pm
Deva : 012-346 5212
Justina : 013-629 2784
Velan : 010-2814233

For more information, please log on to our web, (



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Our students watched Aramm movie which is a female empowering movie that showcases the struggle of a female politician in the midst of the male dominant political world and the doubtful citizen of her district. Besides that, the movie throws light on the harsh reality of India, where the poor people suffer from the lack of resources at the time of need. The movie begins with the citizens celebrating the rocket launch when in a village people are dealing with water crisis. This basically covers the first half of the movie.

The second half talks about the persistence of the district collector (Nayanthara) to save the small girl who was stuck in a long-winding well and was successful at doing so. This movie breaks all the stereotypes that have been stuck with female for a long time.

MySkills gave this opportunity to our students in order for them to realise the importance of having the humanity way of handling a situation. It relates their life and the community around them. Some were in tears watching the movie, looking at how a female figures which never gives up and pursue the best for the betterment of the community.

A sharing session held, students shared on how they themselves can help and assist each other when in need. It all start with a small step, where it can begin from them to make the change in each other and the community.



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The near full house audience at the PJ Civic Centre which usually houses the well heeled was today filled with people from different walks of life, of different creeds and age. They included Datuk Ramli Ibrahim, a supremo of classical dance in Malaysia, an elderly couple in their late 70s, Senator Bathmavathi Krishnan, two Catholic priests and MySkills students. MySkills Foundation opened the doors for a witnessing of the world’s pioneer dancers on wheels. It is not an exaggeration to say that the priviledged audience watched with abated breath and stunned attention to the star performers of the night i.e. the seven dancers, four of whom are wheel chair bound.


Miracle on Wheels from Bangalore, India, which has earned a title in the Guiness Book of Records, brought in by MySkills Foundation with the support of partners, mesmerised all present with their splendid, perfectly timed maneuvers. The Bagavat Gita, was brought to live through dance on wheel chairs, crutches and three other specially abled performers.If this was amazing, what does one say to watch the Bharathanatyam too and the Sufi dance. And not forgetting the solo performance of evergreen Tamil songs and a Rock and Roll number on the keyboard by versatile sight challenged Mr. Raguraman.


To do justice, one must witness the Miracle on Wheels performers to understand why one watches with abated breath. The man behind this miracle, Dr.Pasha couldn’t have said it better; it is not about disabilties but rather about abilities. Dr Pasha, the founder of Abilities Unlimited Foundtion (AUF) says transforming society is his moral responsibility. Spinning the wheel chairs at 150km is a feat only a few can do. The coordination and precision needed for the show including the lights, the music was just flawless.


While the stars of the night were the Miracle on Wheels Team, there were other young “stars”, i.e. MySkills students who entertained all. The video clip of ‘tears of joy’ brought home the message of Mr Pasupathy in his opening address. If not for MySkills Foundation, where and to what would the young students head to otherwise? MySkills Foundation fills a gap for students who do not meet the minimum requirements of many institutions in the country providing skills training. And it is beyond skills that these students need; a transformation of attitude. MySkills needs support, both financial and volunteerism. A philosophical fund raising effort such as that through Miracle on Wheels needs community support for MySkills to realise the RM20 Million world class campus at Kalumpang for a better life for disadvantaged Malaysian youth. You can add on to the RM10 Million given by the government and a pledge of RM2 Million by the public.

The Venues:


Date/Day Venue Time Contact Persons
Wednesday 22/11/2017 Nice Bannquet Hall, No 6, Jln BJ 1, Taman Belmas Johan, 48000, RAWANG, Selangor 8PM-10PM Kumar:

012-321 0051



013-233 0111

Friday 24/11/2017 Dewan Bukit Indah, Jln. Changkat Indah Utama, Taman Bukit Indah 2, 81200 JOHOR BARU 8pm-10pm Muniamma-

016-742 0407



013-747 2656

Saturday 25/11/2017 Dewan Auditorium DBKL Menara 1, Bangunan DBKL, Jln. Raja Laut, 50350 KUALA LUMPUR 8pm-10pm Justina:

013-629 2784


Vy: 012-906 3073


Vani: 0166338973

Tuesday 28/11/2017 Midlands Convention Centre, Jln. Plumbum 7/100, Seksyen 7, 40000 SHAH ALAM Selangor 8pm- 10pm Deva:

012-346 5212


Justina :

013-629 2784






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MySkills Foundation was featured in The Star & Makkal Osai to promote the “Miracle on Wheels” show.

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The differently abled and abled. A platform of dignity, equality and cultural inclusion!


Come & support us at any of the locations below:-

Civic Centre, PJ   : 20th Nov 2017

Ipoh                      : 21st Nov 2017

Rawang                : 22nd Nov 2017

Johor Bharu          : 24th Nov 2017

DBKL Hall             : 25th Nov 2017

Midlands               : 28th Nov 2017

Show time : 7.30pm – 9.30pm

For further information, please contact:-

Mr Deva               ( 012-3465212 )

Ms Justina           ( 013-6292784 )

Ms Siva preeyah   ( 010-2732981 )


IMG-20171120-WA0027 IMG-20171120-WA0028

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It was an event on Global Training Partner Program Summit. The event was held at Intercontinental Hotel, from 13th November till 14th November. It was a full two day agenda of learning to successfully unpack the teacher training academies to ‘train the trainer’. The event encompass three different tracks, namely, Teacher Academies, Microsoft Imagine Academy, and Minecraft Education Edition. A round up of 150 people attended this informative programme from various company and organizations. MySkills Foundation gave this wonderful opportunity to me and another colleague of mine, Mr.Ramachandran and Mr.Dipankar to acquire more knowledge on Microsoft.

It was undeniable that they learnt a lot of new stuffs and were updated to the latest software which truly made their journey of learning way easier. Thay learnt on Office 365 which includes OneDrive, which makes the work you do available to you from anywhere, and to others when you collaborate or share.

Following day, which was the last day of the event, they were given to understand on the second track they chose. The Microsoft Imagine Academy eventually helps schools provide students with in-demand technical skills, and empowering the next generation to build the future of their dreams

The highlight of this event was, the recognition given with certificate on Microsoft on Education and with qualified badges that enable us to be a trainer in immediate effect. Along with that, we also successfully earned merit points as to increase our credits as a trainer.

Over and above, this event is a stepping stone for all the trainers to start exploring more on this new software and embrace upcoming updates on IT world, as well as sharing those valuable information to our students. We are looking forward as well to join such programmes more in the future and expose our Tamil school students in IT world very soon.

For more information, please log on to our web, (


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Beula, a youth delegate of the Commonwealth Youth Summit from Kenya visited De’Devine Cafe a few days ago. It was Beula’s attempt to explore Malaysia and learning opportunities available.  She met our Director and the staff at the cafe. She was determined to learn more about MySkills after  getting a feel of our mission and her interest in youth development.
She got excited to learn more about the programmes especially after hearing about the up coming campus at Kalumpang. We fulfilled her desire to visit the campus. The visit enabled  Beula to visualise some possible development plans and ideas. She promised she will engage with five of out students in  January 2018.
It was a great opportunity to share experiences with Beula. We look forward to her commitment to MySkills in 2018 and  hope that her experience with us will be useful  in her work with needy in youth in Kenya. We wish her well in her studies in Statistics.
For more information, please log on to our web, (
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