Campus Progress

Campus Progress


  • IMG-20170209-WA0093

    Progress – 9/2/2017

    Kalumpang Progress on 9 February 2017 Watering plants Clearing debris around site office Trimmed grass beside site office Burning off Read More

  • IMG-20170208-WA0087

    Progress – 8/2/2017

    Kalumpang Progress on 8 February 2017 Clearing site office and its surrounding Farming activity  

  • IMG-20170207-WA0097

    Progress – 7/2/2017

    Kalumpang Progress on 7 February 2017 Reshaping brinjal planted soil bed Checking coconut plantation Trimming grass around lime trees Trimming Read More

  • IMG-20170206-WA0080

    Progress – 6/2/2017

    Kalumpang Progress on 6 February 2017 Trimming grass along the pond area Taking out grass between the soil bed Trimming Read More

  • IMG-20170120-WA0109

    Progress – 20/1/2017

    Kalumpang Progress on 20 January 2017 Drain maintenance works progress Grass trimming progress

  • IMG-20170119-WA0097

    Progress – 19/1/2017

    Kalumpang Progress on 19 January 2017 Drain maintenance works Applying organic fertilizer for the papaya and banana trees Clearing the Read More

  • IMG-20170118-WA0080

    Progress – 18/1/2017

    Kalumpang Progress on 18 January 2017 Auditing Coconut Plantation Clearing Swamp Area Checking lime plantation Gathered mulch Mulching around banana Read More

  • IMG-20170116-WA0019

    Progress – 16/1/2017

    Kalumpang Progress on 16 January 2017 Watering brinjal Mulching around neem and fruit tree Auditing coconut plantation Lime plantation Removed Read More

  • kalumpang-18-3

    Progress – 18/11/2016

    Kalumpang Progress on 18 November 2016 Trimming grass towards the river Trimmed grass along the river (coconut planting area) Weeding Read More

  • kalumpang-17-8

    Progress – 17/11/2016

    Kalumpang progress on 17 November 2016 Applying fertilizer Clearing bushes at the same time Collecting mulch for okra plants Excavating Read More



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