There are many definitions of youths at risk but we believe that any child that grows up in this world is at risk in some way. Our kids are under more stress than ever before in our fast paced society. Those from single parent families, dysfunctional family units, and other socio-emotional issues tend to be at a greater disadvantage of succeeding in life. For more info on our Road to Kalumpang click below.

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Our youths are our social capital, they are currently in crisis – more & more of them are stuck in “lost zone” – we have a shrinking window period to intervene – if we do not care to interven, they would be lost forever in the “bad element” – and by then any intervention is an exercise in futility. For the full information on Transforming Youths Beyond Skills kindly click on the download or view button.

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MySkills Foundation’s involvement with grass root based community work confirms that there was NO concerted effort to investigate, analyze and find sustainable solution from bottom of the pyramid students (students with below average grades).

In the last few years, we realized that the problem faced by underachievers and school dropouts is bigger than what we assumed it to be. It was found that nearly 7,000 students are dropping out from school every year before reaching SPM!

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